Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions 

1. General 
The following terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) are valid between you and BLK DNM Group AB (Reg. No. 559372-7992) (“BLK DNM”, “us”, “we”) and apply to all use of and orders placed on BLK DNMs website www.blkdnm.com (“Website”). 

By using the Website and/or placing an order on the Website you confirm that you have read the Terms and Conditions and that you accept to be bound by them. Before you accept the Terms and Conditions you shall also read and understand our Privacy Policy here.  

BLK DNM reserves the right to revise the Terms and Conditions at any time. The date of the latest update is found in the final section of the Terms and Conditions. Please note that the Terms and Conditions valid for your order is always the Terms and Conditions that you have read and accepted before you have placed your order and not a later version. You are recommended keep a copy of these Terms and Conditions for future reference.

Please note that BLK DNM does not guarantee that all products presented on the Website are in stock or are available for purchase. BLK DNM preserves its right to stop selling a product. 

The language of the Terms and Conditions is English.

2. Connected fashion
The garments in BLK DNM connected fashion collections features a unique NFC tag, enabling it to connect with a digital twin online, intricately linked to a distinctive NFT and/or Wallet on the Chromia blockchain. Tap or bring your smartphone close to the NFC tag to access the digital twin and information related to the garment. More information and instructions about the connected fashion can be found here: http://digital.blkdnm.com/. 

2.1 Proof of authenticity 
Each connected BLK DNM garment’s authenticity can be verified by the NFC tag and the Chromia block chain. This technological fusion ensures the unalterable integrity of the NFC-tag and the NFT and/or Wallet, safeguarded against unauthorized modifications, thereby preventing any illicit tampering or replication. 

2.2 Forever refund
BLK DNM offers BLK DNM connected fashion collections a forever refund program. The forever refund is a set price buy back program (“Program”), exclusively available for garments equipped with an attached NFC tag, which offers customers the opportunity to sell back their garment at any time, regardless of its condition, for a predetermined price. 

Please be aware that the Program is distinct and separate from our refund, return, warranty, reclaim, complaint, exchange, or complaint processes. The Program is designed exclusively for reselling garments and should not be confused with these other customer service options. This is a separate feature that we offer for the connected fashion garments.

To participate in the Program, the NFC tag on your garment must be in its original, intact state and connected to the original garment. Any tampering, removal, or damage to the NFC tag may render the garment ineligible for the Program. Participation in the program is available as long as the NFC tag is in its intact state. After this period, the garment may no longer be eligible for the program.

Under this Program, participants are entitled to a buyback price equivalent to 10% of the purchase price paid by the customer when the garment was initially sold, either through us or a retailer. The precise buyback value will be prominently displayed on the product website. This price remains fixed and does not fluctuate based on the condition of the garment or other external factors, e.g inflation. It's important to note that if you choose to resell the garment to another individual, you forfeit your right to participate in the Program. In such cases, the new owner of the garment assumes the right to participate in the Program with the same terms as the initial customer.

3. Placing in order 
Please ensure you've thoroughly reviewed and understand the Terms and Conditions prior to placing your order at www.blkdnm.com. Before you place your order, you will be given the opportunity to review your selections, the information you have provided, the total price of your order and correct any input errors. Please note that products in your shopping bag are not reserved and may be purchased by other customers until your order has been accepted by BLK DNM. 

If prolonged inactivity causes your connection to the Website to fail, your selection of products may be lost. In such case, you will be required to re-enter your selection of products to the shopping bag. If you have any problem with placing an order on the Website, please contact us via email [email protected]

4. Order Confirmation 
After submitting your order, BLK DNM will send you an automatic order confirmation via email confirming the acceptance of your order. We encourage you to save the order confirmation for any future contact with us. It's important to understand that this order confirmation email serves as a receipt of your order and does not constitute acceptance of the order. We may deny a purchase order for various reasons, for example if you provide incorrect personal data and/or have a record for non-payment of debt. We may cancel an order if the products ordered are sold out. We will then refund any amount paid and notify you about equivalent products if such are available. All products ordered remain our property until we have received full payment for them.

5. Acceptance and shipping confirmation
Please note that all orders placed by you are subject to acceptance by us. We may, at our discretion, choose to not accept your order for any reason whatsoever without any liability to you. Non-acceptance of an order may, for example, occur as a result from one of the following situations:

- The ordered product is out of stock
- Inability to obtain authorization of payment
- An error within the product information, including price or promotion
- Suspicion of any fraudulent activity

Once the order has been processed, a shipping confirmation email will be sent with all relevant information about your order. The shipping confirmation is our acceptance of your order.

Please note that BLK DNM does not guarantee that all products presented on the Website are in stock at the time of your order. If a product is unavailable, we will contact you shortly, by phone or by email. If we have already received a payment for the order we will refund the amount to you. Depending on your chosen delivery method, you may need to collect your order from a designated delivery location within the timeframe specified in the delivery notification. Failure to do so within the specified time frame you may be charged a fee and the order may be returned to us at your cost. Additionally, we reserve the right to cancel the order if it is not collected within the specified timeframe.

6. Colors
While BLK DNM strives for accurate product descriptions on the website, please be aware that the colors of products in website images may slightly differ from their actual colors due to variations in computer color settings. BLK DNM cannot be held accountable for any such differences.

7. Prices 
The prices on the Website are shown in Swedish kronor (SEK), Euro (EUR) and US Dollars (USD), depending on where you are visiting from. The prices and delivery costs shown on the Website include VAT. The prices and delivery costs shown on the Website may vary from time to time and BLK DNM is not bound by the price until BLK DNM has accepted the order by sending the shipping confirmation to you.

If you have placed an order and the price has changed before we have accepted your order (by sending you the shipping confirmation), we will notify you by email about the price change and give you the option to place a new order with the new price or cancel the old order. If we are unable to contact you, your order will be cancelled. BLK DNM always reserves the right to cancel any order prior to our acceptance of the order. If we already have received payment for a cancelled order we will refund the amount back to you.

8. Payments
Our payment provider is Stripe a payment service provided by Stripe Payments Europe, Limited.

- Credit card: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Diners Club. 
- Klarna 
- Apple Pay 
- Google Pay

Rest of the world 
- Credit card: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Diners Club. 
- Apple Pay

If you wish to cancel your order, please contact us and we will issue a refund or cancel your invoice. Please note that we are unable to cancel an order once it has shipped from our warehouse. We are not responsible for any charges or penalties which may be imposed by the payment provider as result of payment being processed in respect of your order.

9. Customers outside the EU 
Please note, additional taxes and custom fees may be payable when you receive your order, depending on where you are shopping from. For customers in the UK, please note that products that are not produced within the EU will be subject to custom duties due to Brexit. Additionally, the orders may also be subject to VAT. Such costs does not derive from BLK DNM and are not covered by BLK DNM. 

Please note that if you choose to pay by American Express, invoice (Klarna Pay Later) or installments (Klarna Pay Later or Klarna Slice It) additional fees may be applicable. If this is the case, the additional fees will be stated at checkout.

10. Delivery 
Shipping methods
We ship from our warehouses in Borås, Sweden. Deliveries within Sweden are shipped with Postnord, and with UPS to the rest of the world. Shipping is calculated at Checkout. Delivery times are only provided as guidelines and do not take into account possible delays caused by stock availability or/and payment authorization.

Kindly note, delivery to rural addresses can result in longer delivery times and if we are experiencing a high volume of orders, all shipments may be delayed by a few days. Orders are fully traceable. Orders are shipped with different carriers depending on the country, you will receive a direct link to your tracking in your shipping confirmation. Click on the link on your order confirmation to view the up to-date tracking for your order.

11. Right of withdrawal and returns 
11.1 Withdrawal 
You are entitled to withdraw your purchase or exchange your product by submitting thereof to BLK DNM within 14 days of the date on which you have received the product. The notice may be sent in different ways. Preferably, please email [email protected]

You can also use the standard form that can be found at Konsumentverket's website. Please send the notification to our address BLK DNM Group AB Centralplan 15, 111 20 Stockholm. 

Please note that you of course do not need to use the special forms but may send us a letter or an email to the above-referenced mailing and email addresses including information that you will withdraw or exchange your purchase. If you send us an email we will send you a confirmation upon receiving your notice. Please always refer to your order number in your communication with us. You may wish to keep a copy of your cancellation notification for your own records.

11.2 Refund relating to the right of withdrawal
If you choose to withdraw your purchase in accordance with the terms set forth in this section 10, BLK DNM will issue a refund of the amount paid to BLK DNM. BLK DNM will pay the refund within 14 days of the date on which we have received your notice of withdrawal, under the condition that BLK DNM has received the product/s from you or if BLK DNM has obtained proof that the products have been sent back to BLK DNM. The refund is made using the same payment method you used at the purchase if you do not explicitly accept another method. You will never be charged extra if another payment method is used.

If you have chosen invoice via Klarna as your payment method and wish to withdraw only a part of an order, please contact Klarna and they will put your invoice on hold. Once your withdrawal is accepted by BLK DNM, a new invoice will be sent to you with the products you wish to keep. If you paid the invoice prior to your withdrawal, the amount relating to your withdrawal will be refunded.

Please note that BLK DNM only issues a full refund if the product/s are in the same conditions as at the time of delivery. If the products’ value has diminished due to your handling of the products to a greater extent than is necessary in order to ascertain its characteristics or function, you have an obligation to reimburse us. In such cases, BLK DNM then has the right to withhold such amount of the refund.

Please make sure all products are in the exact same condition as when you received them, with tag and seal still attached to avoid deduction. Please note that we do not accept returns or claims of BLK DNM items bought from other retailers or second hand sites or stores. 

11.3 Shipping costs for returning the products
Please note that you must pay the shipping cost for returning the products in accordance with your right of withdrawal. If you use BLK DNM return service we will deduct the price for the return shipping from your refund.

11.4 Returning the products 
Upon your withdrawal or exchange of your purchase, please return the product/s as soon as reasonably practicable and not later than 14 days after sending your notice. 

When returning please follow the steps below.
- Place the product(s) in the original shipping box.
- Close the box and tape it securely.
- Use the preprinted return label included in the package and place on the box over the prior delivery information. If you did not receive a label, please email [email protected] and we will send you a new one.
- Return at your nearest delivery point. For all international orders, please make sure to handover the preprinted commercial invoices (also included in the package) to the freight forwarder. 

We prefer that products are returned with the preprinted label to ensure they are protected and insured during transit. However, you may return the products by any secure transport.

Please send the package to: 

c/o Korallen
Ålandsgatan 10
504 41 Borås

12. Defective products
If you receive defective products, please notify us immediately. According to the Consumer Act (1990: 932) you are entitled to complain about defective products within three years. However, you must always notify BLK DNM within a reasonable time after you have detected that the products are defective.

If BLK DNM consider the products to be defective, one of the following remedies may be applicable:
- a full refund including shipping costs.
- repair of the defective product.
- replacing the defective product with a new product.

Please see more information about your legal consumer rights in the Consumer Act (1990: 932) or by visiting www.hallåkonsument.se.

13. BLK DNM quality guarantee
BLK DNM acts in accordance with applicable consumer regulations. Please notify us as soon as possible after receiving defective products.

14. Cookies
Cookies are used on the Website to improve your browsing experience. In addition to use for statistical purposes, cookies identify your computer and allows the Website to recall your personal settings.

For more information regarding BLK DNMS use of cookies, please see our Cookie Policy here

15. Information on the website
BLK DNM cannot promise that the content of the Website is free of inaccuracies or typographical errors. Neither can we guarantee that all information is up-to-date. BLK DNM may, at any time, amend the content of the Website. Although BLK DNM strives to display the correct texts, images and pricing on the Website and online shop, errors may occur.

BLK DNM cannot be held responsible for any damage caused from using the Website or, for that matter, not being able to use the Website. BLK DNM cannot guarantee problem-free, uninterrupted, and secure access to the Website.

16. Links
The Website may contain links to other Websites beyond our reach. We cannot be held liable for content or privacy policies of such Websites.

17. Violation of rules
BLK DNM reserves the right to seek all solutions available at law and in equity for violations of these Terms and Conditions, including the right to block access to the Website. Individuals violating the restriction of password-protected areas of the Website may be subject to prosecution.

18. BLK DNM’s responsibility
BLK DNM’s liabilities to you are limited in each separate case to these Terms and Conditions unless otherwise is stipulated by law. In no case whatsoever will BLK DNM assume any liability for indirect damages such as loss of profit or in case of force majeure such as war, civil war, revolution, riot, governmental measures, strike, lockout, blockage, failure of electricity, telephone or internet service, natural disasters or similar events.

BLK DNM’s liabilities to you will never exceed your total purchase amount for each order, unless otherwise is stipulated by law. In case of force majeure, BLK DNM’s obligations will be suspended. The contract between you and BLK DNM can, in such cases, be partially or fully terminated by yourself or by BLK DNM.

19. Governing law
These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of Sweden. Except where prohibited and without limitation to any statutory rights for consumers, all disputes pertaining to these Terms and Conditions will be exclusively referred to the district court of Stockholm, as the court of first instance.

20. Company information

BLK DNM Group AB (559372-7992)
Mail address: Centralplan 15, 111 20 Stockholm
Visiting address: Centralplan 15, 111 20 Stockholm
Email: [email protected] 

21. Version of the Terms and Conditions 
The latest update of the Terms and Conditions of BLK DNM was made in October, 2023.